Broodfield Outdoor Education Centre Brookfield Outdoor Education Centre

About Brookfield and its Activities

The Brookfield Outdoor Education Centre is located on the site of the original 355 acres purchased by John Crowther in 1864 and developed as a farm. His daughter Mary lived all her life on the property and on her death in 1958 bequeathed it to Scouting.

Adjoining land has since been purchased so that the Centre now extends over 650 acres. In 1961 a Campfire Circle was built on the site of the original farm cottage and evidence of the garden hedge is still visible along with a number of very tall camellias, hydrangeas and a magnificent magnolia tree. Mary Crowther supplemented her income with sales of fruit and a number of the old apple trees also remain in the orchard.

In the early 1920s two young pig shooters, Harold and Roy Nelson visited Brookfield and started a friendship with Mary Crowther that lasted until her death and was instrumental in the property being bequeathed to Scouting. They spent many weekends and holidays at Brookfield, doing odd chores around the place and introducing scouts to the outdoors.

Roy Nelson died in 1986 and left his estate to Scouting and in 1989 the cottage he and Harold had lived in all their lives at Petone was moved to Brookfield. This was renamed Nelson Lounge and contains some of the Nelson brothers' furniture and memorabilia.

  1. Camping is encouraged for groups from 4 to 700 persons
  2. Numerous sites at either end of the camp with separate ablution facilities
  3. Cooking shelter available if required
  4. Scout patrols can camp under supervision of the Duty Warden

  1. Lake - with canoes, rafts and lifejackets all provided
  2. Challenge/Confidence course
  3. Two Flying Foxes
  4. Swimming pool
  5. Two campfire circles
  6. Walking/Tramping tracks
  7. Open areas for games and activities
  8. Native bush, mature trees and creek for conservation study
  9. Outdoor Chapel
  10. Bird watching
  11. Permanent Orienteering Course
  12. Tracking
  13. Sketching
  14. Photography

  15. Special activities with prior arrangement
  16. Abseiling

  17. Additional activities
  18. Bird Identification: A resource with pictures that identifies the birds that can be seen at Brookfield.
  19. Tree Identification Trail: A resource with photographs that identifies the amazing variety of trees that can be seen at Brookfield.
  20. Know your Brookfield. A series of questions and photographs designed to help visitors discover Brookfield

Broodfield Outdoor Education Centre Brookfield Outdoor Education Centre
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